Deerfield Farms Subdivision

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Board Member Elections

At our last subdivision meeting, 3 new board member positions were filled. These 3 positions became available as a result of term length fulfillment by other individuals. The new Deerfield Farms Board consists of the following individuals: Todd Hermann, Dennis Schnabel, Mike Sturtz, Joe LoMedico & Mike Buffa. Todd Hermann was re-elected. Attendance at the meeting was higher that it had been when compared to previous meetings - but the number was still low. Of the 52 homes that are physically in our subdivision, only 11 homes were represented. The new board would like to thank the previous members for their dedication and their efforts that they donated. Both Ken McAllister and Pearl Tormeno had been on the board for several years and have made it very easy for a seamless transition for the new board members to assume their responsibilities. The new board is pledging to utilize sound judgment in their decision-making process keeping in mind that all residents deserve a safe and aesthetically attractive neighborhood.

Snow Removal

We will be utilizing the snowplow services of Rainbow Landscaping this year. This is a new snow plow company as the previous snow plow company (Richter's) had decided to sell the snow removal portion of their business. The board would like to request that all homeowners park all vehicles in their respective driveways on predicted "snow days". This will make the snow plow activity easier and more complete. Also please keep in mind that it is a township ordinance that each homeowner cleans their respective sidewalks. IMPORTANT - If the snow plow crew damages your lawn, please notify the board within 48 hours via email. Rainbow will repair the damage in the spring, but the damage will need to be identified and reported within the 48 hour time frame.

Communication with the Board

Please feel free to visit the subdivision website to review the by-laws of our neighborhood. There are links for both an html version and a PDF image of the current by laws. The website address is You can also send your questions and comments to the board at Please use this email address as the means to voice your questions and comments and the board will respond expeditiously.

Budget Update

Last year's budget results and the upcoming budget plan were distributed to the homeowners that were in attendance at the annual subdivision meeting. If you were not in attendance and would like a copy of the budget, please contact The Board via email and a copy will be emailed to you.

Holiday Decorations

The board members decorated the front entrance for the upcoming Holiday Season a couple of weeks ago. The physical quantity of lights was reduced this year as the pines in the boulevard are too large to safely install them. Instead, lights were installed on the ground bushes. Weather permitting, we have scheduled the weekend of January 13th around noon to remove and store the Christmas decorations. Additional take-down volunteers would be welcomed.


The board has received several email correspondences with regard to pet waste that is left on our lawns. Please be considerate of your neighbors and pick up the waste that your family member leaves behind.

Meeting Minutes

During the annual subdivision meeting, the board mentioned that the front sign will undergo maintenance and the pines will need to be pruned. Also, some extension cords for holiday decor will need to be purchased as some were loaned. Monies for these items have been accounted for in the budget. It was also discussed that plant donations from neighbors would be welcomed for the front entrance. If you are planning to split your hostas and need to get rid of some, the board will plant them in the boulevard.

Dues Application

Please note that the dues that are collected from all of the residents are applied toward the landscape services for the front entrance, snow removal services, legal services and operating expenses that the subdivision realizes on a perpetual basis. The timely payment of the annual dues by all residents will aid the board in making sound and accurate decisions with regard to the expenses that are incurred annually. To date, about 75% of the dues have been collected. Thank you to all residents who have paid their dues in a timely manner.


The entire Deerfield Farms Subdivision board would like to wish all of our neighbors and their entire families a safe and healthy Holiday Season.